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August 15, 2012, 16:48

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The position of the American Anthropological Association is that variation in intelligence cannot be meaningfully explained by dividing a species into biologically defined races.

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omg that kids so happy. lock up the parents take away the kid and their rights. thats should fix the problem

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The first one has to be Rob D - Clubbed To Death, a few others are from the Matrix Soundtrack, too. The one that starts at I'm not sure, it slips my mind as I try to name it.

Why the fuck did I just watch the whole video...

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Finally, a comment war where no one disrespects the other, that's a first.

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Heeyyyy...Im half White!

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Science about bags under eyes!?!?

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So everyone else has turds that smell of roses? Wow. All my life I was the only one leaving those stink bombs in the public restroom while everyone else was freshening the air. They must had thought I was a sick person. cheap generic overnight viagra

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Just when you thought all hope was list... =D

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Remember Me?

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