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January 11, 2013, 14:32

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wikipedia . org/wiki/Baghdad_Battery

Id ride it lol


you can't have an IQ over 200.....wow. buy viagra onlines

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1. Tony------My boyfriend!

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thats awesome

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Best dad ever!!!!! cauz he must be doing it for soo long and he made it :') awwwwwh give time to kids and bond.....best dad of the year peopleee

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Because literal interpreters of the bible are the only people willing to oppose irrefutable evidence in favor of theory of evolution buy generic viagra viagra

for Rolex Watches; buy viagra onlines but similarly, high iq means arrogance (often) and that leads to classification which leads to annoyance & segregation.

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I love how this perfectly symbolises 9/11!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

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The Gemma

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Why are we scared of bugs if we are way bigger than them? buy viagra onlines

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Alderaan, not Aldebran.

my point is IQ doesn't dictate a persons tolerance level.

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Remember Me?

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