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July 28, 2012, 16:31

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True, but they were also put into slavery, or some state of servility, and those white empires drained their resources. That's what's happened in every single war in the history of mankind. The reason underdeveloped countries are underdeveloped is because they were weaker than the first empires, were dominated, drained of any resources they had, and once they gained freedom, they had no way of sustaining themselves. I'm an American, but I know how much we've taken a shit on the developing world.

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The Science Of Motion?

Eco friendly DAD power roller-coaster.

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Dangerous? Nonsense. The car has a harness for the kid, and retainers to keep it on the tracks. This is very well done by someone who went to a huge effort to do it right. You wish your dad did that for you!  I know I do.


Limp Bizkit from the MI2 soundtrack. 

Yes i did notice that most of the worlds population is stupid. I also noticed that most of them spend there time on youtube writing dumb comments.

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If I take the -50pill will most of these youtube comments start to make sense?

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Love it his son is having so much fun.. it looks like he took his time to make it latch on tight I would let my child use it he could add a helmet but we never used them when we were young and did crazy stuff and dirt bikes etc..

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And white people are murdering children with guns a little too often here in America. Though these are facts, they don't represent the entire culture. I don't go around murdering children just like blacks don't go around eating people.

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