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February 04, 2013, 18:46

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Whether their standard of living indirectly was improved by enslavement or not, humanity needs a sense of individuality and freedom to survive. I'd rather fight for my life against wild animals and disease than be stuck in enslavement. And, yes, white empires do drain their resources. Always did, still do. I've met many people from Sierra Leone, Uganda and the Congo. They're actually very intelligent and capable of themselves, they just don't have the means to improve life; IE: Resources.

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/watch?v=XY02Qkuc_f8 buy discount soma I just get sooo tired of the fiction the Empire continuously feeds us. I even heard that Luke, the "shooter", turned off his tracking computer right before the amazing magic shot. And when has even a galactic star destroyer, let alone the Emperor's Premiere Battle Station, been destroyed by a couple proton torpedoes in an exhaust port??? This goes so deep, sheeple!!!

Monetary wealth has nothing to do with which civilization is better. Their standards of living didn't soar, they barely went up a bit, but they got no education, were stuck in a foreign land with family, and had no money. Back home, they had communities, people working together as HUMANS, not capitalists. There was virtually no greed in Africa. Whites were also never enslaved by Muslims, they were conquered, and absorbed into their society. Also, people aren't canibalized in the streets.

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What makes us left handed right handed or ambidextrous?

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@reginald274 Hi I was just spying my cousin browser history really...I guess I'm the only female watching this video, lol

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