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September 16, 2012, 18:33

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@seth332 Heyya so bored today

Time to upgrade my Minecraft to online multiplayer status thanks to freeminecraft{dot}cc :D

Well I got shit to do, so this won't work. I wake up at 4 AM everyday except the weekends. Go to the gym then work and help with my family. I'm to busy do that.

It's funny how many people do not get that this is a satire. cheap viagra fast shipping

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I can't stop laughing at the commentators that think the product is real. cheap viagra fast shipping 1. Tony------My boyfriend!

Guy should get the dad of the year award! Listen to that laughter.

There's a vSauce video about that. Some scientists believe it's an evolutionary trait so we can all be alert as a group. The contagious yawning effect. One person yawns as a signal to everyone to signal is everyone alert?

Just to point out, Vader was 2nd in command to Grand Moff Tarkin on the first death star, what kinda shoddy journalism is this?

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That is so stupid!!


I don't know if this question will take too long to answer: What goes on in us from start to finish when we are infected with the common cold? I.E. The science of the aches, fever, sore throat, sneezing and eventual getting over it.

well played sir well played

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What is cheap viagra fast shipping Does your body get used to hitting the snooze button if you have been doing the same for years. I know you said your body will be going into a deeper sleep, but if predictability comes to play, my body seems to be alright hitting the snooze, but I do just 1.

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è▲✔è▲✔è▲✔èYour fear is 100% dependent on you for its survival. Lightning makes no sound until it strikes

Nikola Tesla invented "Time Travel" "Faster-than-Light" and "Teleportation". Maybe you should Google it and stop looking like a troll. cheap viagra fast shipping

@raul381 Hi I was just checking my nephew browser history actually...I am pretty sure I'm the only woman watching this video, lulz viagra rrp australia cost I nead this

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for Louis Vuitton Handbag;

Three Best things in the World for me now:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

Hee hee - if you have to ask...

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for Louis Vuitton Handbag; buy viagra pharmacy online I hope the kid has a seatbelt on!

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@virgil421 Oh so bored today

Loews gift cards for .Why would I even think about shopping anyplace else

That's awesome but seriously dude is that really I mean that fucking tree right there holy shit I thought that kid was gunna die .

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