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September 16, 2012, 18:33

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CNN Special - The ''Woodpecker'' & "Electromagnetic Weapons". USAF Dr. James Frazier confirms Tesla's 1917 "Electric Arc Aircraft" invention of using Helicopters with a RF Antennae, Dynamo powered by the Helicopter engines or APU & Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) EMP Weapons.

This may sound like a stupid question but can you actually "catch up"on sleep?

What happened to them?

my point is IQ doesn't dictate a persons tolerance level. cheap viagra fast shipping

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Great!!! cheap viagra fast shipping Why do the planets revolve on a horizontal plane and not vertically?

lumea-shi iese din mintzi...la propriu.


Where's Building 7?

Yes, I have considered and researched that possibility. Studies have been conducted to control for environmental influences, like the Minnesota transracial adoption study and various twin studies, and they revealed that IQ is mostly genetically inherited. It's widely accepted within the scientific and academic community that racial IQ gaps exist. They just pretend that it doesn't matter out of political correctness. cheap viagra fast shipping lol the last minute was hilarious

Nikola Tesla & Colorado Experiment, 1893 - named "Ground Zero"

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So if we have a natural alarm clock, why is mine like 11 am?

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So I check your feed buy viagra using paypal And you give them the IQ tests tailored for Whites right?

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It's a parody. I'm afraid you're the one who's dumb.

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Before jumping on continuity errors in the video, remember.. Fudging little details to help the conspiracy narrative is a hallmark of the videos this is a parody of.

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I'm sorry... come again?

look at me im different!

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IQ is not absolute Intelligence. The only reason it can be more difficult to raise is it is comprised of many skillsets. The brain is not a computer it is capable of developing itself just like a muscle. You can argue that genetics can limit this but other than critical brain disorders there are no known cases of "My brain is full I can't learn or improve anymore" buy viagra pharmacy online If you're asking if this is real. You're one of the people he was talking about.

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"Write the average rap song" - priceless!

This is why I never replaced my alarmed clock after I killed it.

Randal from Clerks was onto something after all. 

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Remember Me?

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