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January 03, 2013, 05:17

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A conspiracy theory only considered 35 years later.

i think you are the stupid one :)

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Most of the comments are to smart for me is there a pill to raise IQ :D buy site viagra In 1912, “Nikola Tesla, Dreamer” published in World Today, in which an artist's illustration appears showing the entire EARTH CRACKING IN HALF with the caption, “Tesla claims that in a few weeks he could set the earth's crust into such a state of vibration that it would rise and fall hundreds of feet and practically destroy civilization. A continuation of this process would, he says, eventually split the earth in two.

How does a corn kernel pop? cheap viagra generic It's a spoof of a 9/11 conspiracy video you fool.

for Rolex Watches;

protagonist survives? unthinkable

congrats on taking the pill. good choice!

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An apple tastes like an apple. A steak tastes like a steak.

And no, Whites didn't drain all of their resources. The 3rd world nations that were resource rich still were after White colonization. They're underdeveloped primarily because they have low-IQs.

its a crime against humanity!

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I WANT A ROLLERCOASTER i wish i had a dad lol sadness

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Nope. It was the driver, the Secret Service. Only the conspirators would say "look over there at the grassy knoll"... diversion buying viagra online Hey if u want a quick laugh check out my two new vids its just me joking around lol

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611 maes nao gostaram desse video viagra super active Why do humans have a different sense of taste? Example, I hate sour cream,,but why do others love it so much? Why!?

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Ummm is it strange i dont use a alarm clock and always wake at

Consider how low a person's IQ has to be to see a rapper as being brighter:)


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Remember Me?

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