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August 15, 2012, 18:22

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Check out up and coming Artist T.WALKER...Making a big hype around the New York City area...Show some support and check him out...A lot of hard work and time is put into his music and some support and feedback would be cool...With a new mixtape coming out April 1st stay tuned for some new stuff...Show some love, subscribe, and share...Thanks! This is not spam I'm just supporting an artist who I believe has talent.

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PLEASE ANSWER ANY OF THESE QUESTIONS: why do I feel dizzy when I spin? What causes rainbows?what makes popcorn pop? Why do cats always land on their feet? AND THE ONE THAT I REALLY WANT ANSWERED: Is running a mile give you the same benefit cheap generic viagra no script We're too heavy. : )

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What do tattoos do to the body and it's functions? How can they/the ink harm and/or benefit it?


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Why is the music so loud?

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Skywalker = George Herbert Walker Bush Jr. (Curious George) who was often caught in Tesla's labs stealing things cheap viagra in uk Ask Mr. George W. Bush.

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Hahaha life isn't fair is it?

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▲✔▲✔▲✔Not knowing is not a problem, not wondering is. Life’s a marathon, not a sprint.


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