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August 15, 2012, 18:22

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it doesnt look dangerous at all lol. it looks well made and sturdy

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low-IQ does not necessarily lead to underdevelopment, there were many empires in Africa that were successful before colonization, and black-skin doesn't lead to low IQ, so how about posting something that supports your argument with logic, not just random assumed "facts" cheap viagra in uk wow, it looks like minusIQ really works! here's an example of the effects on a 70- IQ person

Millions of "White Christian European" slaves? Closest I can find is Robert Davis saying *one* million over 250 years...

Since there's only one thing ;;of a certain thing, it will taste like the one thing.

clearly Vader wanted Palpatine to be more tough on foreign policy. The battles on hoth and Endor could have been avoided meaning billions of tax dollars from Coruscant and many lives could have been saved. cheap viagra in uk Debt Star :)


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The Gungans were behind this

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I have just had my grandfather die, can you tell us the science of felling loss?

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iq isn't a real measurement of intelligence and those who think it is are pretty dumb

Njdx1 probably had no childhood haha. How sad cheap viagra in uk

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Next thing you know, they'll be saying he made out with his sister.

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What makes u feel tired?

Why do boys want to masturbate so much?

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Question should it really suck or be really awesome if you didn't quite make it up the hill and did the track backwards buy prescription vaniqa viagra CNN Special - The ''Woodpecker'' & "Electromagnetic Weapons". USAF Dr. James Frazier confirms Tesla's 1917 "Electric Arc Aircraft" invention of using Helicopters with a RF Antennae, Dynamo powered by the Helicopter engines or APU & Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) EMP Weapons.

bit.ly/WAYYtA?=6j7fggjf cheap viagra in uk I have to ask... do you take The Onion seriously too?

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misanthropic is an adjective

"Nikola Tesla could have been the richest person in America, In The World, if he wished for riches, he didn't, he did not care for anything, he did not have time for things that spell success" - Mayor LaGuardia's Eulogy to Tesla on January 10, 1943

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