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August 15, 2012, 18:22

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Question - Is time travel possible?

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Nope. The Minnesota transracial adoption study proved that the racial IQ gaps are mostly the result of inherited genetics and not environmental factors.



Apparently, a picture of it has the same effect on some of us. cheap viagra in uk okay, that is clever, the "loose change" music, but it was equally annoying and distracting in that film. nevertheless, you are a genius!

Wonderful feat of engineering, and with the safeguard that the child can't ride it without him too :) I'd have traded all my game systems to have a dad like this. Kudos!

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Time to upgrade my Minecraft to online multiplayer status thanks to freeminecraft{dot}cc :D

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Just use alcohol. It may not reduce the IQ permanently (you'll need regular doses) but as a bonus you decrease your life span significantly, thus increasing the chance of NOT becoming smarter in the future. Furthermore it may make women appear more attractive than they actually are, but you will have to cover some side effects with a certain blue pill. buy online order viagra depends on which rapper ... The popular stuff today might not be the best example of good rap music. Every music genre has good and bad extremes.

I have an IQ of about 130-140. This is actually the real reason for my former drug abuse and alcoholism at 20 years old. It wasn't a conscious decision, but, very much so, my subconscious gravitation towards drugs and alcohol was for this reason; to become part of a majority. After quitting abruptly a year ago, suddenly, my friends were stupid and I completely detached from their lives. True story. Sadly, I'm socially retarded and consequentially have no friends once again. cheap viagra in uk Really helpful! I love ur vids!

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A couple minor errors. at , the ventalation shaft is not two feet wide, it is two meters (about seven feet) wide. Second, it is Alderan, not Alderbran. cheap viagra in uk It may look very safe but you never know, anything can happen, even on real rolercoasters, lol.

Ask your mother.

Nice drawings !!!

I wish i made kingda ka in my backyard XD

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