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August 15, 2012, 18:22

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I could just see him comming out and hitting his noggin on that tree

The science of "why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?"

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But I love the feeling of waking up and getting to go back to sleep before having to get up, either way I'm going to be waking up like 4 hours earlier than usual so it matters not. cheap generic viagra no script 1. Tony------My boyfriend!

Science may prove otherwise, but my 30 min snooze time really helps me. (2 alarms, 1 a half hour before scheduled wake up time, and another at wake up time.) cheap viagra in uk Why do we have migrans?

"Nikola Tesla invented "Time Travel" "Faster-than-Light" and "Teleportation". Maybe you should Google it and stop looking like a troll."

He speaks truth.

Just wanted to say this is the 5th time I've watched this. I'm going to keep watching it until I stop laughing. Will keep you updated. cheap viagra in uk Other than the mistakes (which I guess could be a part of the parody) that's pretty cool mate


Hey heres a question if a turtle has no shell is it naked or homeless

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Hmmm. Well today you must have a high IQ to write an "Average Rap Song" to compete with competition like Jay Z or other very successful rappers. I am saying this because the lyrics to rap are too deep for people like you or most listeners to rap can understand. People with illuminated minds can see and understand the majority mentality can never imagine. does watermelon have viagra effect

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Discount Chances are that Vader and the emperor may be driven by something more than just the desire for control over the vast tracts of the universe. Vader cannot personally control hundreds if not thousands of workers, so what incentives does he provide for them to work on the death star? Money? Pharmacy Price

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White people... cheap viagra in uk The Force is with you my friend! ;-)

When people say "life is short". What the hell??? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does!!! What can you do thats longer?

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probly the most genius piece of parody ever made. mr. graham, you are marked man now

What I have been waiting for!

you must get pretty pissed off when someone tells a joke then.

and I checked with the bbb and was told that it is all legit How they can sell gift cards, laptops, ,, cheap viagra in uk

this is definitely worth a "D" ticket buy prescription vaniqa viagra This video does not even touch on the involvement that Obi-Wan Kenobi had

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what does "quiet the pickle" mean?

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take it easy with the hating on the posts on this video...

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Remember Me?

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