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November 08, 2012, 22:28

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No, Automatically dismissing a mountain of data disproving old racist studies and resorting to call people of other races low-IQ'd, because of their color and thinking highly of yourself because of you're color, shows you're insecurities. You seriously should go easy on that MinusIQ pill, dude.

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Millions of "White Christian European" slaves? Closest I can find is Robert Davis saying *one* million over 250 years... buy now cialis Why do farts smell worse in the shower than they do out of the shower?

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Some people are just more badass than others...

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wow, it looks like minusIQ really works! here's an example of the effects on a 70- IQ person

Awesome, I have to admit

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Nope. Most scientists agree that IQ tests are an accurate method for measuring cognitive ability. buy now cialis

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yeah, low iq means your mind picks up non-trivial and menial things to think about since they're neither curious nor interested in knowledge & so they have opinion on things that don't matter to them whatsoever. buy now cialis IVE EARNED 8 IN THE LAST WEEK!🔴⬛⬛🔴

I'm a "liberal" and I approve of this rollercoaster.

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Why are people obsessed with stuff

Lol the explanation is easy... The empire forgot to take there weapons off "miss the star" setting...

Sorry. One video about how to fall asleep... OR (0 goes 4) why counting (insert object or animal here) to 100 makes you fall asleep

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