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August 19, 2012, 16:37

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No it still isnt a valid question. But even if we disagree on that, if you actually think that ghoasts are a question to be taken seriously you are also an idiot. Now stop being such a softy about it. "You should never be that rude to someone who is simply asking a question" you sound like a 10 year old girl. Stop being such a pussy and trying to control how nice people are and grow a pair.

parenting, you're doing it right.

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you can't have an IQ over 200.....wow.

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That's a first. I admit that's an unexpected toy to make. Blows the treefort idea out of the water! :) cheap cialis online look at the liberals talking about how dangerous this looks.hey fuck heads ever hear of live and let live? this guy did all this for his kid to have a great time.

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How do we get tickled, why r we tickle less, it's just so weird so. Plz confuse me with your big words.

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3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!!!

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Which is worse: under-eating or over-eating?

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