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July 19, 2012, 07:47

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The information in this video is false. Footage of Wedge Antilles "missing" exhaust port is false. Wedge never actually takes an attack run on the port, but rather acts as the rear guard for Luke throughout his run. I am truly sickened by this failed attempt at Star Wars conspiracy. Also, R2-D2 was not built by Anakin Skywalker and Leia Organa's name at the time of this attack was Leia Organa, not Leia Organa-Solo. Please get your facts straight. I'm disgusted.

Atheists, bible thumpers, and conspiracy theorists arguing on a Star Wars parody video. I've heard about this part of you tube.

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What are birthmarks? How are they caused and what are some facts on them?

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Also the Millenium Falcon is a FREIGHTER not a FIGHTER. buy viagra and cilas

If you haven't seen "Loose Change" then this is lost on you. In the original, the narrator mispronounced several words...which makes this all the more brilliant. viagra professional the 'treatment' has already been invented, it's called WEED

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Is a real roller coaster made out of PVC?

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