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September 24, 2012, 11:06

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Why do we laugh?

Thats soooo awesome!

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All due respect to the fallen and I am sure that some day the truth will see the light of day.

Can't stop blushing, the joy of the and will of the dad just takes the spotlight, hands down, love it.

buy nexium but similarly, high iq means arrogance (often) and that leads to classification which leads to annoyance & segregation.

When we yawn, does it mean we're sleepy?

In my case I'll need a triple dose to reach the average Obama's voters level of stupidity......

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Why do we always have dreams just a few minutes before the alarm clock rings? cipro 20 Was the child the test subject!?

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Say something. Then ask yourself "Why?". Then again and again and again and again. Lets see how far you can go.

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1 Man Rollercoaster lol..

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Is this actually serious? Lol

Great work

Don't forgot that most of the original footage is hard to come by, the media likes to show the edited footage that contains elements that were added in later, most daming of is the shot of the X-wing that you can tell is fake CGI if you have a keen eye.

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Ef global uganda

Makes more sense than The Phantom Menace.

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