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August 08, 2012, 23:03

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Everyone likes their own brew.

What percentage of our brain do we actually use and why? Can we use all of our brain somehow? buy viagra cheaply

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Thankfully, Star Wars no longer belongs to him. buy viagra cheaply Funniest part is... IT'S FUCKING LEGIT


cool dad

That's kinda the point you see. :D

Dear AS buy viagra cheaply Your an awesome dad. Your kid is having the time of his life. Memories for life. Priceless

Why is it when British people sing, it sounds American?

why is the internant is adicting?


this kid should be wearing a helmet, that turn by the tree is dangerous! tsk tsk :(

is this real?

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I yawned after reading your comment 0_o buy viagra cheaply Blacks in America voted with their feet. Most rejected the offer to be relocated back to Liberia after they were freed. That's because they knew their quality of life was better in America, even under racial segregation, than it was back in Africa. And keep in mind that most blacks brought to America as slaves were already slaves to rival blacks and arab muslims. Would you rather be a slave in America or Africa? And over 1 million Whites were indeed enslaves by brown skinned muslims.

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whoa this is amazing

Lets just all admit that the video maker has to actually tell the truth... buy viagra cheaply

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1) The center for balance is in your ears. There are these tiny canals, which contain water like materia. When you spin that matter spin too, but when you stop it is still spinning because of the gravity and the force. So even if you stopped spinning the brain will still think you're spinning so you'll feel dizzy. buy viagra cheaply Why do we have body hair???

Omg!!! My eyes have been opened to the truth. Whoa.........

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Why is grass green?

@lonnie961 Hey so bored today

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Look at the the little girl. Her daddy is the happiest father ever! buy viagra cheaply

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Hmmm. Well today you must have a high IQ to write an "Average Rap Song" to compete with competition like Jay Z or other very successful rappers. I am saying this because the lyrics to rap are too deep for people like you or most listeners to rap can understand. People with illuminated minds can see and understand the majority mentality can never imagine. buy viagra cheaply Baghdad Battery

and I checked with the bbb and was told that it is all legit How they can sell gift cards, laptops, ,,

Also everything I have written, Has been satirical if you couldn't understand that yet. Obviously George lucas has read some books on Tesla and enjoyed his ideas for the future. so why wouldn't he integrate Tesla's ideas/concepts into his movie.

Obviously your parents left you on someone's doorstep when you were only a few days old.........

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Remember Me?

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