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October 29, 2012, 23:59

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Since George Lucas copied everything from Nikola Tesla. Maybe you should look into Tesla.



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Wake up, sheeple!!


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doesnt matter what it's made of. if it's strong enough to hold the expected load, there is no need to worry about it's ability to support the weight.

whats the science of the cinnamon challenge

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I No-oze! buy viagra cialis Wow, can't believe some believe commenting on here - Procepro666 for example - actually don't realise this is a joke.

Nikola Tesla adopted this vision of an "original medium" that fills space and compared it to Akashia, light carrying ether. In his unpublished paper in 1907 "Man's greatest achievement," he wrote this original medium, a kind of force field, becomes matter when Prana, cosmic energy, acts on it, when the action ceases, matter returns to Akasha. Since this medium fills all of space, everything that takes place in space can be referred to it.

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And you give them the IQ tests tailored for Whites right?


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This guy has the Matrix album. Same songs plus I have it too. :3

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