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June 18, 2012, 10:20

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Most of the comments are to smart for me is there a pill to raise IQ :D

Everyone who says this is unsafe obviously doesn't know what they're talking about. Take a physics class. And if you're in high school, PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS.

@bryan448 Hey nice to see you again...yep still modeling part time 

Well I don't know about a schedule but my sleep cycle is 8 hours is this a normal cycle length buy viagra cialis levitra

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The sun.

proliberty . com/observer/20070405.htm

I don't know I do know that I bought my son an iPad there for less than 0 and my husband a 0 buy viagra cialis levitra I can't stop laughing at the commentators that think the product is real.

You + Micheal from Vsauce.

Tesla "Back to the Future" car is "Electric". Powered by a Nuclear-Magnetic (Electric) Motor, and a 1.21 Terrawatt Lighting Strike. The Lighting (Cosmic Rays) react with the nuclear material, releasing Trillions of Watts in order to Teleport. In Tesla's words, ahead in time, not back in time.

Im already lost 70 iq, just by watching this video

yesssss now we all can be like americans!!!!

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The point of this world is people to improve in brain to be smarter increase knowledge experiance fear , problems , solve their problems making your self dumber? why whats the reason why go backwards? only a coward would do this i dont think solving problems and fearing from something and make difference between right or wrong is weakness and if you get over it you will be more careless + smart... only stupid morons would take these and this guy is a moron for telling them to. Basicly a zombie. buy viagra cialis levitra Cool question

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Why do people laugh ?

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IVE EARNED 8 IN THE LAST WEEK buy viagra alternative Lady Gaga was born that way.

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This video actually holds way more water than Loose Change.

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Thats so cool! I just wanna know how he bent the pvc like that

I didn't  see roller coaster

Millions of White Christian Europeans were enslaved by brown skinned muslims. Yet Whites are still thriving today. Blacks being brought over to the USA as slaves was actually the best thing that ever happened to blacks. Their standards of living soared. Liberia serves as a giant test lab to see how blacks in America would live without an advanced White society to leech off of. The average person in Liberia lives on about a day and people are literally cannibalized in the streets...

I heard that he wasn't even alive anymore. buy viagra cialis levitra

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he who increase knowlage is given equal amount of sorrow it is up to us if we can bear it or not whit these words i am not sure about this pill so i will continue with my IQ intact buy viagra cialis levitra Why do we imagine things?

Don't hate..

The IQ test is proven to accurately determine your Intelligence.

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Remember Me?

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