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June 18, 2012, 10:20

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you're missing the important of the comment, where he calls it a stunt. Implying that there was at some point an actual explosion on a Death Star.

OK, that was just AWESOME. Well done!!!

Nikola Tesla adopted this vision of an "original medium" that fills space and compared it to Akashia, light carrying ether. In his unpublished paper in 1907 "Man's greatest achievement," he wrote this original medium, a kind of force field, becomes matter when Prana, cosmic energy, acts on it, when the action ceases, matter returns to Akasha. Since this medium fills all of space, everything that takes place in space can be referred to it. buy viagra cialis levitra

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Not once in my life have I used a timer. I'm barely late.



So should you go to sleep earlier if you want to get up earlier? buy viagra cialis levitra Worst video on YouTube. Can sum1 hwlp me Ty my choes?

Your brain needs more oxygen! ( A simple summary of why you yawn) Also If you want to know more about that check out Vsauce's video about that! It explains alot! :D

What is life?

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Why do babies sleep with their fist near their heads? buy viagra cialis levitra IQ is measured by a series of tests, where the average score in an age group is a 100, so it is impossible by definition for the average to not be 100. Ask Wikipedia, or ask Wolfram Alpha if you don't believe Wikipedia, many people don't.

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If you never noticed how stupid you are yourself, you might very well not take the pill because it might actually reduce your iq to the negative.

No, Automatically dismissing a mountain of data disproving old racist studies and resorting to call people of other races low-IQ'd, because of their color and thinking highly of yourself because of you're color, shows you're insecurities. You seriously should go easy on that MinusIQ pill, dude. buy viagra cialis levitra

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i know the answer to one of ur questions. why does popcorn pop? it pops because inside of the kernal, there is the peice of popcorn, u can c this by biting into one. it pops when there is heat and oxygen added to this solution mixture (the kernal). that's what makes the outside crack o^pen to release the popcorn inside. buy viagra cialis levitra 0-0 MACYS,AMAZON,PAYPAL,SEPHORA,X­­­­­­­BOX,ITU­­­­­­­­NES,GAP,B­E­B­E and more gift card choices!

Why do we accept change as an option to our lifestyle only when things get out of control?

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Exactly. You're testing the IQ defined by those tests, and not necessarily the base intelligence.

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Didn't really understand some of it but u really good artists cheap discount levitra online @kent896 Oh I was just spying my nephew browser history actually...I am pretty sure I'm the only female around here, lol

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▲✔▲✔▲✔The future depends on what we do in the present.Oh, thou art fairer than the evening air Clad in the beauty of a thousand stars.

How does tv affect the brain? How do video games affect it?

It was for the kid, so relax.

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