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June 09, 2012, 07:08

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IQ and education are two complete different things

its a crime against humanity!

Because you're on the internet where everyone does.

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this is definitely worth a "D" ticket buy viagra online discount Before jumping on continuity errors in the video, remember.. Fudging little details to help the conspiracy narrative is a hallmark of the videos this is a parody of.

haha he's teasing this world. True!!!! cheap discount levitra online Thay shit doesnt even have wheels?

How do we see

It's funny how many people do not get that this is a satire.

This is just a joke.

Yeah, like that "edited" footage that Greedo shot at Han Solo first. I mean... WTF! How can I believe anything I see anymore? ;) cheap discount levitra online Haha someone should really make this.

This is A joke you idiots... Maybe I need to take one myself

EINSTEIN with Zero Patents and Zero Inventions. I didn't see any fake "Nukes" in Star Wars.

Brilliant. Sleepthinker and Tadas Vidmantas doing amazing job!

IQ!? What is that shit some kind of test!?like in school with math and that shits!?lolo this guy is dumpy like IQ believes..

Give a man any acsent a suit and a false belief that he's been successful only at his expectaions and you have this man only video secretly calling a majority of people dumb and inveyous of people who inherited money from a relative (rich people) dumb video

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for Rolex Watches; buy viagra online pharmacy Star Wars is actually a perfect example of a story that reinforces conspiracies. Considering the emperor lead the republic as chancellor and the separatists as Darth Sidius then benefited from the fabricated war between them.

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Worlds best Dad award* cheap discount levitra online The Minnesota transracial adoption study controlled for environmental influences on IQ scores yet the widely observed racial IQ gaps still remained.

Here's a burning question I want answered? Do people yawn when they are sleeping and what is the purpose of yawning?

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If you've ever played a video game going to bed at a certain time every night just isn't possible...

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Why are there black people? cheap discount levitra online

I smell redneck!!!

wikipedia . org/wiki/Baghdad_Battery

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Remember Me?

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