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October 21, 2012, 02:07

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Finally someone had the courage too tell the truth. Read the Pnac papers its all there. I heard they were running drills of just that attack the day of the attack. Funny how the princess was the only person not killed in that war crime. Remember Storm Troopers just following orders is not a defense. generic levitra 0-0 MACYS,AMAZON,PAYPAL,SEPHORA,X­­­­­­­BOX,ITU­­­­­­­­NES,GAP,B­E­B­E and more gift card choices!


Best dad ever :')


/watch?v=1No0QP3rDRs generic levitra Here's a kinda stupid/ cliche question. Why do we feel heartbreak and sadness? What evolutionary purposes do these feelings provide? Just feeling a bit down today...

i prefer Monte Carlo

The English are the ones that first invented the name soccer but they stopped using it.

... also, Vader was not the highest in command. Governor Tarkin was holding his leash, Luke WAS NOT the only remaining fighter (Wedge Antilles also survived), Anakin made 3PO, NOT R2 (who actually had the plans) ...Geesh! As many holes in this as there are in the 911 conspiracy theories!!

Oh and IQ generally is irrelevant to a individuals success. While it can certainly help to have a high one a strong urge to succeed is generally more useful

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It is perfectly normal, in fact was a survival trait to distrust people who were different.

Maybe he was in on the plan as Luke's oldest friend? generic levitra

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Baghdad Battery

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Why do we have allergies

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@bryan448 Hey nice to see you again...yep still modeling part time 

Where is the 100 thumbs up button?

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