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October 21, 2012, 02:07

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Lol I find your taste in music utterly tasteless. Lil wayne is a clown and why he ever got famous at all is beyond me. He has no skill, he uses autotune and has never wrote one of his own songs in his life. I heard the clown is skateboarding now. And pitbull is the living spirit of popular music? How idiotic are you? Pitbull is another horrible artist who makes his money off making little girls tummies tickle. generic levitra

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They have glands in their feet that secrete butter. So cats always land butter side down. generic levitra If you play the Death Star's "core explosion" in super slow motion, you can plainly see a series of micro explosions on the hull. Quite plainly, thermal detonators all over the surface, unless explosions travel faster than the speed of light, which is impossible by the laws of relativity.

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Umm.. no they didn't, Southern Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Middle-East all suffered from white colonialism (crime, drugs, poverty, war etc.) and were way better before white colonialists, even the Prime Minister of Britain admits it. Yes, Ethiopia was never colonized, but the country was effected by colonialism in political and economical ways and they were occupied by Italians, which caused future wars on territory when they merged countries to Italian East Africa (Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia).

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Oh jesus, more of these retarded white racist claiming that their better than people of other races, because their white, only to be backed up by some old data done by other white racists. Dude, we get that you are insecure about yourself and want to feel better, but piggybacking on accomplishments of others who happend to have the same skin color as you, because that's the only thing common with you and people like Einstein, is just really pathetic and sad.

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