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October 21, 2012, 02:07

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low-IQ does not necessarily lead to underdevelopment, there were many empires in Africa that were successful before colonization, and black-skin doesn't lead to low IQ, so how about posting something that supports your argument with logic, not just random assumed "facts"

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The science of "why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?" generic levitra you said art maker

Cultural priorities can explain differences.

Loneliness and boredom. What a shame.

what does "quiet the pickle" mean?

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you must get pretty pissed off when someone tells a joke then.

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dat kid

Oh my god shut up. This is obviously just a parody,

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Farewell Address to the nation, January 17, 1961. generic levitra Dangerous? Anythings dangerous now a days look at that florida guy who was laying in his own home and got swallowed by the ground nowhere is safe at least this kids having a blast way to go for their bond to enjoy this together

this is definitely worth a "D" ticket

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 generic levitra The average intelligence is same across all cultures, the Education is the only missing link. They are a few generations behind in terms of "know-how", but the base intelligence is still the same.

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