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October 21, 2012, 02:07

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I'm sooo ready for this...I can finally blend in. I can get the welfare and food stamps too.

Why do we have allergies?

Randal from Clerks was onto something after all. 

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This may sound like a stupid question but can you actually "catch up"on sleep? cheap viagra Your brain needs more oxygen! ( A simple summary of why you yawn) Also If you want to know more about that check out Vsauce's video about that! It explains alot! :D

I'm not sure what that has to do with my comment o.0 generic levitra what isnt dangerous for the kid?

Today I caught myself smiling for no reason... then I realized I was thinking about you

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Yea I try one of dose tinggs yea an imm not sua it worcs lice.

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Very dangerous for the kid....!!!

Do you have any idea how hypocritical you sound.

well played sir well played



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Maybe he was in on the plan as Luke's oldest friend? generic levitra but similarly, high iq means arrogance (often) and that leads to classification which leads to annoyance & segregation.

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My question is: can you really tell when someone's lying by looking at them/ if so how?

Good Luck!

Why does it take aome people 5 mins to fall asleep and others half hour or longer weather being tired or not generic levitra

Time to upgrade my Minecraft to online multiplayer status thanks to freeminecraft{dot}cc :D buy viagra montreal This is A joke you idiots... Maybe I need to take one myself

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probly the most genius piece of parody ever made. mr. graham, you are marked man now


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Remember Me?

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