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February 05, 2013, 17:52

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why is the world round?

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Who could split "Alderaan/Earth" in Two?

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That White colonialism caused all of the problems in the world is anti-White propaganda. Whites clearly had a net positive effect on most of the countries they colonized. Even Obama's half-brother admitted as much. Black African countries that were never really touched by Whites (like Ethiopia) are even worse off than the black African countries that were (like South Africa). Low-IQ blacks clearly need the guiding hand of the White Man in order to develop. purchase levitra 1.DOWNLOAD 🌟checkpoints🌟 (free) from app store or (android store) from iPod iPhone iPad or android

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do you see kid like this 1 on a real roller coaster ?

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a rather high proportion of whites are capable of invention and a large proportion of whites have....hence the world you enjoy now....i know you're indoctrinated to hate white people and it makes you feel better rather than inadequate, which you are but whites have the right to hate back.....especially as you cant control yourselves and can start with the violence at a drop of a hat......

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The world is a much better place when you're dumb.

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Oh jesus, more of these retarded white racist claiming that their better than people of other races, because their white, only to be backed up by some old data done by other white racists. Dude, we get that you are insecure about yourself and want to feel better, but piggybacking on accomplishments of others who happend to have the same skin color as you, because that's the only thing common with you and people like Einstein, is just really pathetic and sad. purchase levitra Nikola Tesla & Colorado Experiment, 1893 - named "Ground Zero"

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The World is ruled by dumb people, they are known as politicians.

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Ef global uganda

I didn't  see roller coaster

Lucid dreaming is a dream that you can control and sometimes even you know its a dream!Lucid dreaming is a rare occurrence and happens naturally.

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