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June 20, 2012, 02:07

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How do you even comment, you're not a real person. Can't believe Youtube would allow this. Whoever it is, get a real job!


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good dad building child hood memories

Why are there so many misguided dumb people in America where someone like Obama gets elected twice?

look at how close the kid's head is when he goes around the tree, if he tilts a bit more he will lose some hair and bits of his head.

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"If in a Thunderstorm, Earth (or my Tower Wardenclyffe) was struck with Lighting, it would create concentric waves, that slowly circle the planet and come back where they started"

The American Psychological Association has said that while there are differences in average IQ between racial groups, there is no conclusive evidence for environmental explanations, nor direct empirical support for a genetic interpretation, and that no adequate explanation for differences in group means of IQ scores is currently available.

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Why do we always have dreams just a few minutes before the alarm clock rings?

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This guy has the Matrix album. Same songs plus I have it too. :3 lowest price viagra It's a fun-to-watch Star Wars parody. Nothing more, nothing less. It has NOTHING to do with Tesla. SERIOUSLY, examine your life. And get your head examined. NO ONE CARES. IT'S ANNOYING. It's not even good trolling. Move along. GET A LIFE.

buy internet viagra What makes us left handed right handed or ambidextrous?

Discount It's Alderan, not alder-BRAWN. Other than that, this was cool as shit. Pharmacy Price

Got anything on procrastination?

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Derrr...(facepalm!) buy viagra online pharmacy Empire is a vague concept. By saying Empire you attempt to classify those "so called empires" as equal to the Roman, Macedonian or the Chinese Empires as an example. They were not. In addition, the so called "civilizations" in Sub-Saharan Africa were practically missing throughout history. What contributions did Sub-Saharan Africa made to the human civilization? Name any major philosophy or a school of thought that emerged from Sub-Saharan Africa and which profoundly changed our way of thinking?

All due respect to the fallen and I am sure that some day the truth will see the light of day. buy internet viagra Voice over says no "combat training" -- that is different to flying a ship, and different to hunting.

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hahaha you idiot!

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Can I go live with them? What a great dad! I wonder if he's married. LOL!

How do we get tickled, why r we tickle less, it's just so weird so. Plz confuse me with your big words. buy internet viagra

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buy internet viagra Really, then why is every device in Star Wars a Nikola Tesla Invention or Patent at the Patent Office?


Hello watch my latest video on my couch freestyle . Yes, its me rapping on my couch completely the first thing that comes to mind thanks .

I think it looks a little dangerous, but AWESOME! So long as the kid is strapped in, the child should be fine. It's awesome to see a parent spending TIME with and on their child, and for putting in a LOT of extra effort to see them happy. :)

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