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July 26, 2012, 11:47

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Best dad ever :')

a real roller coaster also holds a several ton car with upwards of 36 people at a time... not just a plastic car with a 4 year old in it

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Dude fcking no liver this movie Sucks anyway

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN who almost died flying kites in a Thunderstorm. I didn't see any "Kites" in Star Wars.

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What would happen if we ate an apple a day?

I'll stay with drinking. Thank you. 

blame the homeless!

hehehe. he told you to "turn of the video and carry on with your life"

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Well... looks like somebody didn't catch the pun.

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Parenting done right :) cheap viagra tablets Awww thats cool

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Iam Loving it LOL.

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That's great. Good jawb :)


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drink shitload of water and piss until you pass out xD

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