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July 26, 2012, 11:47

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How about their livers??

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It's making fun of them and they don't even realize it. :v buy viagra online get prescription Look they now have a Disneyland in Mexico

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you must get pretty pissed off when someone tells a joke then.

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A couple minor errors. at , the ventalation shaft is not two feet wide, it is two meters (about seven feet) wide. Second, it is Alderan, not Alderbran.

Can you imagine that kids B day parties? buy levitra now I saw the Nexus too.... :)

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@mixaracing besides the alderan, i think the idea was in investigation from an outside perspective. So they wouldn't know all the force stuff. Like from a news report. That's why it seems like there is mistakes. Think about what he'a mocking. If we knew all the info about what really happend on 9/11 you would say that loose change has mistakes too.

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Ashkenazi Jews (White Jews) have the highest average IQs.

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Loved this. At first, I thought it was gonna be serious. I wouldn't take it but I was definitely curious. buy female viagra Y do people sleep

Try swallowing your food whole and let me know how that turns out for you. buy levitra now @eugene747 Hi nice to see you again....still struggling with my modeling career actually :(

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Thank you! I didn't want to bring it up, because I thought maybe I was just being crazy.

Shity brain'' do you have?

am i the only one who thinks that disney should just leave star wars alone?

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Why is honey healthy for you?

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