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October 26, 2012, 17:03

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Hey heres a question if a turtle has no shell is it naked or homeless

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Nikola Tesla was assassinated on 1/7/1943. On 1/15/1943, FBI agents P. E Foxworth and Dennis Haberfeld died traveling to meet with General Dwight D. Eisenhower at his specific request, just a day earlier, the two had seized all the paperwork and property surrounding Nikola Tesla's experiments.

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In 1912, “Nikola Tesla, Dreamer” published in World Today, in which an artist's illustration appears showing the entire EARTH CRACKING IN HALF with the caption, “Tesla claims that in a few weeks he could set the earth's crust into such a state of vibration that it would rise and fall hundreds of feet and practically destroy civilization. A continuation of this process would, he says, eventually split the earth in two.

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Ehh, I guess I,all offer my ten cents. All the comments are pretty much just playing ring around the rosy with the actual issues. Color isn't actually why things such as slavery occur. As long as something is to be gained people will attempt to take advantage of others. Skin color just happens to be a good excuse. It's core human behavior. If you wish to complain blame that.

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Edited for accuracy.

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True, didn't read his books, but watched parts of the movie version of Guns, Germs, and Steel.

This was revealed in 1980 and confirmed in 1983. I think this is long past the statute of limitations regarding a spoiler alert.

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And yes, people are indeed cannibalized in the streets of Liberia. VICE did a horrific documentary on it called "The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia" hosted here on Youtube. where can I buy cialis 20mg FUCK all 575 people who disliked this...

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