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October 26, 2012, 17:03

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The X-Wings were not the only squadron sent. There was the Red Squadron of X-Wings, Gold Squadron of Y-Wings, Blue Squadron of X-Wings (in the script and novelization red and blue are swapped) and Green Squadron - presumably Y-Wings. There were additional ships involved on top of this including a couple of A-Wings but there were definitely 4 squadrons not one.


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Actually it was, according to the script. There was a different actor in the briefing scene as opposed to Denis Lawson in the battle

Sarcasm, a very entertaining insecurity. Lol

Darth Vader = George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. (aka George Herbert Walker Scherff Sr), Nikola Tesla's attorney and accountant up until Tesla's death. (Wikipedia/Tesla's FBI File)

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No. That isn't what the study showed. The study showed that the adopted black infants had the lowest average IQ, that the adopted and biological White infants had the highest average IQ and that the adopted mixed race half-White/half-black infants had IQs inbetween. This clearly proved that IQ is indeed mostly genetically inherited. Studies looking for the specific genes responsible for the widely observed racial IQ gaps were canceled because they didn't want to give aid to White Supremacists...


Why do dogs get addicted to their owners sometimes

I HAVE A SCIENCE QUESTION!!! If the Flash were a real person/superhero, what would an object the size and weight of a man moving at near light speed do to the Earth's atmosphere?

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Discount Would you be happy, satisfied, or whatever word you decide to use if you took up my request or simply my asking of, "What are the mechanics of a black hole?" I am quite curious how these dark suckers work. I know a little, but wish to expand my knowledge as much as possible. Pharmacy Price

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Oh, quit the racism, most Gungans are good people, it's just that currupt Gunguns like Jar Jar Binks are the only ones that get any media attention. buy viagra other drug online

Guess we need to wait another 2,099 years to find out where can I buy cialis 20mg Why do you twitch when you sleep? or Why do you feel something when you sleep like for example falling while ice skating in your dreams but you feel it in real life?

for Gucci Sunglasses; buy viagra other drug online what causes the popping feeling when your ears pop with altitude/pressure change

Do you have any idea how hypocritical you sound.

and also they talk many things....although we find same....e.g. birds chirping...dog's barking (sorry for bad english)

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