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August 28, 2012, 00:09

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one of the BEST videos ive eve seen..LITERALLY made me "LOL" hahahaha..

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Uh Oh - we have a winner !

you don't need a pill to make you dumber. Just quit school and sit on the sofa and watch Selena Gomez.

True, no ones battling for the "Top Spot" of IQ. Although I feel there is plenty of battle going on for the bottom spot ;P

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How come when some people yawn, there will be tears in their eyes?

It's what any kid would want, way to go!

Baghdad Battery

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Well, that's the point he's making, isn't it? Unless, of course, you don't get the point.


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this kid should be wearing a helmet, that turn by the tree is dangerous! tsk tsk :(

Only downside I see... kid's gonna grow up a thrillseeker and not stop till they do freejumping off bridges! xD

My favorite was ur girl frie

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Remember Me?

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