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December 24, 2012, 01:34

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Yes the wheel was important, but remember, they lived in the Northwest of Africa, aka the desert. There was nowhere to roll wheels. Also, facebook doesn't really advance society in almost any way, and the amount of people that use it stupidly (dumbly? idiotically? I'm not sure if these are actual words...) show that this video isn't really exaggerating about the stupid people.

IQ is measured by a series of tests, where the average score in an age group is a 100, so it is impossible by definition for the average to not be 100. Ask Wikipedia, or ask Wolfram Alpha if you don't believe Wikipedia, many people don't.

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CNN Special - The ''Woodpecker'' & "Electromagnetic Weapons". USAF Dr. James Frazier confirms Tesla's 1917 "Electric Arc Aircraft" invention of using Helicopters with a RF Antennae, Dynamo powered by the Helicopter engines or APU & Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) EMP Weapons. cheap viagra Relax "bry3lot". This construction looks very solid and that turn is not dangerous at all. Do you see anyone wearing helmet in Six Flags on Kongda Ka? I guess not

10 is a gateway to 50 so be cautious. buy viagra per pill Great video ... but that WASN'T Wedge Antilles.

Does Sleeping help you grow?

How come when some people yawn, there will be years present in their eyes?

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