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June 28, 2012, 22:51

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nope the quran, bible and torah is basically the 'product information' that comes in every box

Sometimes I feel like needles are going trough me

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Hey what about pillows, are they good bad why do we need them to sleep

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Religion, the opiate for the masses. buy levitra now Sometimes I flinch or jump when I am about to fall asleep, why?

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wow, it looks like minusIQ really works! here's an example of the effects on a 70- IQ person

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So cute ebay + cialis Lil wayne is the voice of a generation and a musical pioneer & pitbull is the living spirit of popular music nowadays. i find this video to be utterly tasteless & arrogant. you cannot judge other people taste and belittle it, becuase it their PERSONAL taste *le conspiring hands*

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Brilliant. Sleepthinker and Tadas Vidmantas doing amazing job!

I GOT ONE ! Why and how does music affect ourself , or just the power of music

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