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October 09, 2012, 05:41

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1961 - Eisenhower warns of the Military Industrial Complex run by the Scientific Technocratic Elite

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Why do we yawn? Is it because we are tired, or if we aren't tired, what causes yawning and why?

Agreed, being a smartass an putting others down doesnt make you more inteligent it makes you an asshole haha

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the one song , i need the tittre plaese

What the heck. No wonder Billy if so stupid

Does your body get used to hitting the snooze button if you have been doing the same for years. I know you said your body will be going into a deeper sleep, but if predictability comes to play, my body seems to be alright hitting the snooze, but I do just 1.

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But of I never put alarm sometimes I will still felt very tired. Why?

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Parenting done right :)

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