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October 09, 2012, 05:41

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Water in itself (plain old H2O) has no taste. If you can really taste something, there is some sort of additive or other ingredient involved, whether intentionally or not. For example, tap water tends to have fluoride and other additives in it, depending on where you live. Cities do this to improve the health of residents (NOT as mind control, you dang conspiracy theorists!). If you taste something in it, then it isn't water.

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Brilliant! alternative to viagra There are flaws. Luke wasn't the only rebel to escape, antilles lived on for sure, hes in the books, and the chances of leah plotting with vader are extremely low. Also noone except luke really knew who vader was before he became vader, and without that knowledge both the rebels and the imperials wouldnt have had a clue that the droids were made by anakin, so that part is flawed. And r2 wasnt made by him. But i see the point he is trying to make.

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