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October 09, 2012, 05:41

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@ray497 Hi there good to see ya again, yeah, my tits are even bigger now, lol

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Baghdad Battery

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I Propose a roman styled scorched earth military campaign to force unity between individial culture sectors. A direct democracy might seem nice but then higher populated areas would have a monopoly. After a couple decades of cohabitation at gunpoint people would become more docile.

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Uh, no. They weren't. Virtually all of the countries conquered by Whites thrived under their rule and benefited from the advanced infrastructure they left behind. The utter collapse of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe after the Marxist black nationalists guilted the Whites into surrendering is the perfect example. Black Sub-Saharan Africans didn't even use the wheel, written language or build two storey buildings before White colonialists showed up. Likewise for the USA and Canada.

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The moron is the one who believes that he's intelligent enough over others and thinks he's a God of Knowledge... No one is intelligent enough in life, everyone has his own sector in which he qualifies and the knowledge you have always needs to be updated with present affairs. buy viagra prescription Exactly. You're testing the IQ defined by those tests, and not necessarily the base intelligence.


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