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August 25, 2012, 03:45

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Better to run in cold wind or walk

How do you people know how many calories a food has?

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That's awesome. I see a physics major in the works (roller coaster designers use physics) cheap free viagra viagra That's why I hate school...

R2 is the best!!!

That's great. Good jawb :)

Thankfully, Star Wars no longer belongs to him.

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clearly your opinion matters. Aren't you white anyway?

Haha.. I liked that bullshit! :D

I GOT ONE ! Why and how does music affect ourself , or just the power of music

Falling asleep while listening to music can actually have some pretty crazy affects on your dreams, and even sleep stages as far as I know. But certain tones in music, or certain feelings you get from listening to some songs can really affect how your dreams play out. As far as I know, there are no negative, if not, any long term negative affects of listening to music while sleeping. It's probably more relaxing than just sleeping. cheap free viagra viagra

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Discount i think it is because during the day there are many noises around you that you tend to "tune out" to hear the music which makes the sound weaker cause you still pick up the other sounds, where as at night less sounds so you can hear the music better leaving it to sound louder. *idk, just my guess* Pharmacy Price

I yawned when I read your comment

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What is the science behind daydreaming buy locally viagra Why do we have body hair???

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I can't belive they didn't even mention the connection between luke's uncle and Obi Wan Kenobi. cheap free viagra viagra

buy low price viagra I can tell that you're still in school because of your grammar.

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why does he keep drawing Butters for his examples?

IQ and education are two complete different things

Unfortunately, this video is very true...majority of people are confident for no reason, only to make poor decisions and stick by them, assuming they are always right, judge others constantly and have poor understanding of others different from them. How sad.

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Remember Me?

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