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July 31, 2012, 09:21

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Say something. Then ask yourself "Why?". Then again and again and again and again. Lets see how far you can go.


Hey heres a question if a turtle has no shell is it naked or homeless

I Propose a roman styled scorched earth military campaign to force unity between individial culture sectors. A direct democracy might seem nice but then higher populated areas would have a monopoly. After a couple decades of cohabitation at gunpoint people would become more docile. cheap generic substitute viagra

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According to a 1996 statement from the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, although heredity influences behavior in individuals, it does not affect the ability of a population to function in any social setting, all peoples "possess equal biological ability to assimilate any human culture" and "racist political doctrines find no foundation in scientific knowledge concerning modern or past human populations.

I want the plans so i can build one

Haha, funny !

Lol the explanation is easy... The empire forgot to take there weapons off "miss the star" setting... cheap generic substitute viagra Lol I should prob go to sleep....

che man ak nadie habla en castellano???????? jeje xD

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the force

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That would be something if the kids voice was in reverse too ! cheap generic substitute viagra

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Well I don't know about a schedule but my sleep cycle is 8 hours is this a normal cycle length

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After taking this I started watching reality tv

Dad of the year!!

Great dad! 

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i think it is because during the day there are many noises around you that you tend to "tune out" to hear the music which makes the sound weaker cause you still pick up the other sounds, where as at night less sounds so you can hear the music better leaving it to sound louder. *idk, just my guess*

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