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August 05, 2012, 22:39

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nope the quran, bible and torah is basically the 'product information' that comes in every box

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That isn't wedge! Or should i question if that was wedge originally..confused!

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@allan983 Hey so bored today



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Also everything I have written, Has been satirical if you couldn't understand that yet. Obviously George lucas has read some books on Tesla and enjoyed his ideas for the future. so why wouldn't he integrate Tesla's ideas/concepts into his movie.

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@bradley168 Heyya I was just checking my dad browser history really...I am pretty sure I'm the only female around here, lol

It looks like you've taken one too many of your magical pills.

I yawned when I read your comment

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... cipro 20 You're right about Vader not being the highest and about Wedge surviving, but I think when they talk about C3PO and R2D2, they meant 3PO was built by Anakin and R2 had the plans, but said it in a confusing way. And while this doesn't really apply, you do have to remember this is in the eyes of a amateur journalist, where literally any rumor can be made "fact".

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