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October 18, 2012, 00:59

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I like how a White guy does something amazing that the average liberal couldn't do if his life depended on it, so the liberal tries to make it sound less important by calling it "redneck." cheap generic viagra substitute for Louis Vuitton Handbag;

i know the answer to one of ur questions. why does popcorn pop? it pops because inside of the kernal, there is the peice of popcorn, u can c this by biting into one. it pops when there is heat and oxygen added to this solution mixture (the kernal). that's what makes the outside crack o^pen to release the popcorn inside.

Haha.. I liked that bullshit! :D

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I think after Luke's daddy lost the Clone Wars, he just needed an excuse to get us all tangled up in a new war. I mean, has anybody stopped to think about WHY we're involved in Hoth? It's not even remotely important to anyone. But it sure has lots of space oil underneath those icebergs.

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Most of the comments are to smart for me is there a pill to raise IQ :D cheap generic viagra substitute Something everyone can relate to.... Why do we feel anxiety (depersonlization) and other stuff.

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That would be something if the kids voice was in reverse too !

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Also everything I have written, Has been satirical if you couldn't understand that yet. Obviously George lucas has read some books on Tesla and enjoyed his ideas for the future. so why wouldn't he integrate Tesla's ideas/concepts into his movie. uk viagra sales ▲✔▲✔▲✔Certain things in life simply have to be experienced -and never explained. Love is such a thing.

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▲✔▲✔▲✔Come live with me and be my love, and we will some new pleasures prove, of golden sands, and crystal beaches, with silken lines and silver hooks.

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Yoda was on dagoba at the time and probably wasn't even aware the events were going on. Not to mention his terrible health and mental state, he never could have planned it.

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I've heard that shorter naps are good because they give you a bit of rest, but they also don't let you go too far into your sleep cycle. So like, if you napped for a couple of hours, you might wake up in the middle of deep sleep, which would make you feel more sleepy. But if you only nap for like 30min, then your body doesn't have the chance to get into very deep sleep. cheap generic viagra substitute Tesla is Yoda and Tesla is NOT DEAD<

What are the "SECRET PLANS" hidden by the Rebels in Star Wars?

1. Tony------My boyfriend!

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