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September 04, 2012, 23:43

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A little sketchy?

what does *anything* taste like....?

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Sorry about the rolling comments instead of edits bit of issues on my side anyway, clarification on the scorched earth campaign idea, the rupublic would be established after several decades not after the takeover to ensure no fragmentation occurs during the reconstruction period cheap generic viagra substitutes what does *anything* taste like....?

Fucking brilliant


Why can't we use 100% of our brain?

The World is ruled by dumb people, they are known as politicians. cheap generic viagra substitutes for Louis Vuitton Handbag;

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why is the internant is adicting?


Excellent loved it well done and yet so true Im a believer hahaha

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Lol. Brilliant. Lol cheap generic viagra substitutes

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I hope someone makes a movie of this one day. cheap generic viagra substitutes i prefer Monte Carlo

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Exactly. You're testing the IQ defined by those tests, and not necessarily the base intelligence. cheap generic viagra substitutes is laughter the best medicine?

How far can a person go deep inside the ocean before he starts feeling the heat of the core?

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haha i know it's a joke but this actually makes me feel better about benig dumb^^

Why do we get "butterflies in our tummy?"

I bet this guy is dumb as hell, he's probably just an actor haha cheap generic viagra substitutes

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I nead this cheap generic viagra substitutes The Tesla electric "Back to the Future" car anecdote refers to a supposed Tesla invention described by a Peter Savo (nephew of Tesla), to one Derek Ahers on 9/16/1967. Savo said that Tesla took him to Buffalo, NY in 1931 and showed him a modified Pierce-Arrow car. Tesla had the stock gasoline engine replaced with a brushless AC motor run by a 'cosmic energy receiver" and was driven 50 miles at speeds of up to 88 mph during an 8-day period. en.wikipedia org/wiki/Tesla_electric_car

UBL's father did. UBL being Usama bin Laden... That's the connection...

1. Tony------My boyfriend!

3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

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