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September 04, 2012, 23:43

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the construction company thing was a bit odd :)

Darth Vader = George Herbert Walker Bush Sr. (aka George Herbert Walker Scherff JR), Nikola Tesla's attorney and accountant up until Tesla's death. (Wikipedia/Tesla's FBI File)

and if you read through the comments, the majority of them are written by the kind of idiots who this video is bashing... you know, id take the pill right now...

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Just to point out, Vader was 2nd in command to Grand Moff Tarkin on the first death star, what kinda shoddy journalism is this?

Tesla & 9/11, 2001 - "Ground Zero"

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You da man dad! U have skills. Im very jealous too. Cute kid btw.

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Say something. Then ask yourself "Why?". Then again and again and again and again. Lets see how far you can go. cheap generic viagra substitutes How do we day dream?

Why do we think?

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This is funny as shit. Lawl.

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Makes you think :)

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Can you make a follow up on this detailing more about the crappy teenage sleep schedule? cheap discount viagra viagra Great work

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are you aware? are you aware that you are aware?

that.. is ... AWESOME!!

Now I don't know who I can trust

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Remember Me?

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