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September 25, 2012, 18:22

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Why is that we do not need to tell our brain to move, and we do it without knowing?

Look at the the little girl. Her daddy is the happiest father ever!

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Why is that we do not need to tell our brain to move, and we do it without knowing?

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I hope you can answer my burning question. I love you guys and I can understand you. What is insomnia?\


LOVING the hopeless nerds commenting on the pronunciation of one of the fictional planets in Star Wars!!!

... also, it wasn't 2 feet it was 2 meters. cheap herbal viagra

This kid should be home reading books, not riding in dad's roller coaster. buy online levitra cialis viagra *colour

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I have the sleep cycle app. Since you move differently in different parts of you sleep cycle, it wakes you up when your body is already about to wake up within the thirty minute window you set it for. I love it, it's super easy to wake up in the morning and I don't feel like crap the rest of the day. (I also turn my phone on airplane mode to prevent cellular radiation) cheap herbal viagra What if I set my snooze time to an amount of time that is actually beneficial, e.g. 30 minutes? Or another time equivalent of REM Sleep?

Does Sleeping help you grow?

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Is this some kind of conspiracy for mind control ????

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Why do we itch

Are gummy bears fattening ?????

Great video ... but that WASN'T Wedge Antilles.

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