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September 25, 2012, 18:22

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The Emperor = Prescott Bush (George Herbert Walker Scherff Sr's (Father)) funded Hitler

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The Tesla electric "Back to the Future" car anecdote refers to a supposed Tesla invention described by a Peter Savo (nephew of Tesla), to one Derek Ahers on 9/16/1967. Savo said that Tesla took him to Buffalo, NY in 1931 and showed him a modified Pierce-Arrow car. Tesla had the stock gasoline engine replaced with a brushless AC motor run by a 'cosmic energy receiver" and was driven 50 miles at speeds of up to 88 mph during an 8-day period. en.wikipedia org/wiki/Tesla_electric_car

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Millions of "White Christian European" slaves? Closest I can find is Robert Davis saying *one* million over 250 years...

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