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January 22, 2013, 05:06

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Nope. It was the driver, the Secret Service. Only the conspirators would say "look over there at the grassy knoll"... diversion

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Lol I should prob go to sleep....

This is awesome!!

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Unfortunately, this video is very true...majority of people are confident for no reason, only to make poor decisions and stick by them, assuming they are always right, judge others constantly and have poor understanding of others different from them. How sad.

Did you know that Luke was trained by the same Jedi master as his father was? Obi wan, who was also seen aboard the space station prior to the attack was reportedly "killed" by Darth Vader, yet no body was ever found! Open your eyes sheeple!

That's SWEET.

NEWS FLASH! This Video is MOCKING ALL OF YOU "TRUTHER" NUTTS! Some of you are amazingly DUMB not to figure this out!

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This kid must've had an awesome childhood

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Go bathe in Lysol face down.

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Is it impossible to see spirits? viagra pro online Here's a burning question I want answered? Do people yawn when they are sleeping and what is the purpose of yawning?

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Say something. Then ask yourself "Why?". Then again and again and again and again. Lets see how far you can go.

is this for real? how about the guy presenting this video take the pill? he should lower his IQ...smh

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Remember Me?

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