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December 18, 2012, 16:07

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technically a lobotomy will do it. A chemical lobotomy exist too.


And you give them the IQ tests tailored for Whites right?

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Fucking nerds it's a MOVIE!!!

that is fucking awesome;-)


I like how a White guy does something amazing that the average liberal couldn't do if his life depended on it, so the liberal tries to make it sound less important by calling it "redneck." cheap inexpensive viagra

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Voice over says no "combat training" -- that is different to flying a ship, and different to hunting.

@clinton203 Hi there I was just checking my brother browser history actually...I bet I'm the only woman watching this video, lol cheap inexpensive viagra


Finally, a comment war where no one disrespects the other, that's a first. cheap inexpensive viagra Best dad ever! I wish I was your son!


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Cool dad? Is a lesson to be learn from this dad, I am going to do much better with my kids for their happiness. Cool dad?

Why are right handed or left handed..?

1943 FBI agents Foxworth & Haberfeld died traveling to meet Eisenhower, a day earlier, seized all the paperwork on Tesla's experiments.

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for Gucci Sunglasses; cheap discount cialis I can picture them grinding their teeth and balling their little fists, "This is unacceptable! I WANT to laugh, but he's making a mockery of the canon! What's next?! 'Grand Moff TarkiM'?? PATHETIC!"

You do know they actually sell MinusIq check their website my brother brought one. cheap inexpensive viagra Parenting 101. I can hear the mom yelling. What the F**k were u thinking?!

This video is pure genius!

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Remember Me?

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