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August 17, 2012, 05:36

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How can we see color.

Do animals love?

These politicians are elected by voters.

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Well done young Jedi.

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Ask Mr. George W. Bush.


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Njdx1 probably had no childhood haha. How sad

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Many, perhaps most people who profess to be religious feel justified in insulting those who are not.

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They should be using footage from the original movie, not that God-awful enhanced version.

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Whites have had some of the most powerful and advanced civilizations in all of human history. They conquered about 85% of the globe. Even during the eras of their relative backwardness - like the Middle Ages - contrary to popular belief, they weren't just rolling around in the mud... But regardless, I somewhat agree with Jared Diamond that environmental factors played a large role in the rise and fall of civilizations throughout history. However, modern racial inequality is mostly genetic. cheap kamagra uk viagra

cheap viagra fast shipping Northeast Asia was also affected by White colonialism yet they're thriving. How do you explain that? Hmmm? White Christian Europeans were also heavily colonized by brown skinned muslimes for several hundreds yet they're thriving as well. The pattern is clear. The history of colonialism doesn't seem to suppress high-IQ racial groups. Therefore, it can't really explain chronic global brown backwardness. Instead, their low-IQs best explain their chronic underperformance.

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