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August 31, 2012, 21:00

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Can other people's brains really memorize things like my handwritting, or do they just take a short-lasting picture?

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why dont you make some more of the "your brain on drugs" videos? id like to see one on MDMA and amphetamines, but theres so many others. and discuss the possible neurotoxicity of them too you could even revisit alcohol for that, and the debate on weather or not marijuana (cannabinoids) are neurotoxic or neuroprotective. 

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The moron is the one who believes that he's intelligent enough over others and thinks he's a God of Knowledge... No one is intelligent enough in life, everyone has his own sector in which he qualifies and the knowledge you have always needs to be updated with present affairs.

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That one has been answered in some videos , ask youtube ;)

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