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August 31, 2012, 21:00

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im sure you'd be saying that once your kid cracks their face open

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im sure you'd be saying that once your kid cracks their face open

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Tesla is Yoda and Tesla is NOT DEAD<

The difference is that intelligent people provide logical reasons to justify their hatred for someone, whereas dumb people hate or dislike for implausible reasons. Carry on hating...:P

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I laughed at the guy because they insisted that their preferred way of spelling was the right way instead of considering local differences in spelling. cheap man viagra thats sick. nice job dude

Blacks in America voted with their feet. Most rejected the offer to be relocated back to Liberia after they were freed. That's because they knew their quality of life was better in America, even under racial segregation, than it was back in Africa. And keep in mind that most blacks brought to America as slaves were already slaves to rival blacks and arab muslims. Would you rather be a slave in America or Africa? And over 1 million Whites were indeed enslaves by brown skinned muslims.

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loved this. Also I'd like to point out something missed: Vader was flying in the a 1 of a kind prototype T.I.E. fighter that hand shields and a hyperdrive, things not found on any of other Imperial fighters used in combat that day; convenient, no? :p

Lucky kid :')


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And Intelligence isn't the same as knowledge, it is "The ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills."

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