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June 11, 2012, 21:01

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Have they even caught Yoda Bin Jedi yet? I bet he's not even real, but he sure makes a nice scapegoat.

@baby(something) when we yawn its just so your body can get oxygen, basically your body lacks h20 an the only way how it can restore breathing is by via yawn causing a chain reaction to one's body enfluia n produces energenethical to blood cells (smaller than an atom) aka white blood cells, and this is shocked throughout the human body and hits the main central nervical system of the ugjolical, which then spreads to the throat (the jugular) and boom creates a sensation for you to open the mouth

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im sure you'd be saying that once your kid cracks their face open cheap meltabs viagra 3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!!!

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Why would u want to be stupid

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Lol you sound ignorant. I thank your comment for a laugh. 

I bet this guy is dumb as hell, he's probably just an actor haha


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He is the future carny. Man there starting young now. cheap meltabs viagra

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I don't know if this question will take too long to answer: What goes on in us from start to finish when we are infected with the common cold? I.E. The science of the aches, fever, sore throat, sneezing and eventual getting over it.

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I can see that phineas and ferb grew up :) cheap meltabs viagra it's really sad

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Love it his son is having so much fun.. it looks like he took his time to make it latch on tight I would let my child use it he could add a helmet but we never used them when we were young and did crazy stuff and dirt bikes etc..

Why do farts smell worse in the shower than they do out of the shower?

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That is so cool!

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