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January 05, 2013, 14:12

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@chris724 Oh it's been a long time....still studying and getting some cash out of modeling

In 1917, Tesla invents Electric Arc Aircraft that would "turn every atom of the (WTC) on 9/11 to de-materialized whitened ashes".

How did other regions learn how to speak a foreign language without translators ?

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Nope. Most scientists agree that IQ tests are an accurate method for measuring cognitive ability.

Why do we get "butterflies in our tummy?"

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]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] cialis vs viagra No. That isn't what the study showed. The study showed that the adopted black infants had the lowest average IQ, that the adopted and biological White infants had the highest average IQ and that the adopted mixed race half-White/half-black infants had IQs inbetween. This clearly proved that IQ is indeed mostly genetically inherited. Studies looking for the specific genes responsible for the widely observed racial IQ gaps were canceled because they didn't want to give aid to White Supremacists...

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Yes, the Tesla 9/11 Conspiracy. cheap generic india viagra technically a lobotomy will do it. A chemical lobotomy exist too.

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Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you was beyond my control

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Who could split "Alderaan/Earth" in Two?

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