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January 24, 2013, 19:11

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Since George Lucas copied everything from Nikola Tesla. Maybe you should look into Tesla.

you can't have an IQ over 200.....wow.


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That's a first. I admit that's an unexpected toy to make. Blows the treefort idea out of the water! :) viagra online uk 

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Lol at the satire

how did people forget about that imperial officer that confronted admiral tarkin and said they should abandon the deathstar? why...was he in such a hurry to leave the deathstar? possibly he was in on it.

I just realized that there's so many people have been eating this pill already.

if we buttered a cat both sides it would levitate due to the anti-gravity effects of sods law

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She'll be telling her grandkids about what her dad built for her!

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If I take the -50pill will most of these youtube comments start to make sense?

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I want to be that kid ._.

I got here from SyndicateProject's activity.

How important are teeth? To the human body...

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Awesome! Thanks for making my day!

Nailed that History Channel vibe perfectly!

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