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January 24, 2013, 19:11

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is that you?

Wow, can't believe some believe commenting on here - Procepro666 for example - actually don't realise this is a joke.

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this reminds me of the legendary quote "I'm surrounded by Idiots.(dramatic pause) IDIOTS" viagra online uk 

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It is perfectly normal, in fact was a survival trait to distrust people who were different.

Is a real rollercoaster in your backyard made of pvc with a stick for propulsion?

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But what about Manipulation? Aren't those who are morons or idiots the ones who are manipulated the most in life, unawaringly being placed in situations where they're services are being used without their concent? This guy's representing ways to be manipulated, not allivation with intelligence buy line viagra

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He's not an unfit parent, seems to be a pretty smart engineer type. Everybody is just jealous! buy line viagra IQ and education are two complete different things

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Really? Looks like you took the pill, a couple of times. Where does it say that black people are stupid? Where does it even imply that? Your comment is so idiotic that I don't even know if you're trolling, or just stupid. Viagra Oklahoma city IVE EARNED 8 IN THE LAST WEEK

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That's so cute.. Awesome kid, awesome dad.

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