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November 02, 2012, 21:00

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I do hope you realize that this is a parody.

Lil wayne is the voice of a generation and a musical pioneer & pitbull is the living spirit of popular music nowadays. i find this video to be utterly tasteless & arrogant. you cannot judge other people taste and belittle it, becuase it their PERSONAL taste *le conspiring hands*

I want the plans so i can build one

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That video made my day


Yes. Just yes

3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!!! viagra and hearing loss Is a real rollercoaster in your backyard made of pvc with a stick for propulsion?

This is genius.

Northeast Asia was also affected by White colonialism yet they're thriving. How do you explain that? Hmmm? White Christian Europeans were also heavily colonized by brown skinned muslimes for several hundreds yet they're thriving as well. The pattern is clear. The history of colonialism doesn't seem to suppress high-IQ racial groups. Therefore, it can't really explain chronic global brown backwardness. Instead, their low-IQs best explain their chronic underperformance.


But I love the feeling of waking up and getting to go back to sleep before having to get up, either way I'm going to be waking up like 4 hours earlier than usual so it matters not.

Are you asserting that a conspiracy theorist made a factual error? Unthinkable.

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Why do migraines happen?

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Where's Building 7?

All I want to know is why the narrator kept saying "AlderBraan." viagra and hearing loss

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What way would I travel to get out if the Milky Way How do we know what the Milky Way looks like Where does everything go after it goes through a black hole


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