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August 17, 2012, 09:12

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It's a fun-to-watch Star Wars parody. Nothing more, nothing less. It has NOTHING to do with Tesla. SERIOUSLY, examine your life. And get your head examined. NO ONE CARES. IT'S ANNOYING. It's not even good trolling. Move along. GET A LIFE.

Why are there so many misguided dumb people in America where someone like Obama gets elected twice?

I don't know I do know that I bought my son an iPad there for less than 0 and my husband a 0

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Three Best things in the World for me now:]:]:]:]:]:]:] free viagra without prescription Next thing you know, they'll be saying he made out with his sister.

Well done. The day's first genuine laugh.


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and I checked with the bbb and was told that it is all legit How they can sell gift cards, laptops, ,, free viagra without prescription The Gungans were behind this

Randal from Clerks was onto something after all. 

Definitely dad of the year!!


Seems Legit...

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for Gucci Sunglasses; cheap viagra without a prescription If you've ever played a video game going to bed at a certain time every night just isn't possible...

free viagra without prescription I don't know if this question will take too long to answer: What goes on in us from start to finish when we are infected with the common cold? I.E. The science of the aches, fever, sore throat, sneezing and eventual getting over it.

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Hey if u want a quick laugh check out my two new vids its just me joking around lol

I took two pills and gained 100 IQ points. free viagra without prescription

bit.ly\WAYYtA?=6g7fgghj viagra suppliers in the uk The English spelling is the proper way, The English people made the language its just when they went over to america they started spelling it the wrong way. Don't know why but then I don't know why the decided to rename Football, soccer. Its just plain retarded.

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This guys a BAMF.

No but i would like to snooze forever.

I wish he was my dad

At first i just have internet and youtube and now i'm making /hour just for uploading videos on youtube. free viagra without prescription

What is the meaning of life free viagra in the uk nah...no snooze button for me, it makes it worse....I just get up & get it over with

as a joke it seems fine but reading the comments here makes me think that people take jokes (that have a good meaning & particularly anything dealing with tolerance or being smart) at face value. free viagra without prescription Awww thats cool


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Remember Me?

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