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October 12, 2012, 05:46

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yea I need to stop looking like a troll, your totally right.

Because you're on the internet where everyone does.

Why does your breath stink when you first wake up in the morning????????????

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Boy howdy I did not want to learn this...though I feared the truth, I find my best "sleep" is just before the alarm goes off (I'm vaguely awake then, anticipating the alarm...) and after I've hit the snooze 3-4 times realizing I've barely got time to make it to work... cheap cialis online 3.THEN you'll get started with 200!!!!

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And you give them the IQ tests tailored for Whites right?

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Absolutely brilliant video lol

you are a limited cunt mouth, I AM sorry for your ass.

well, guess i s o

Remote controlled from within the deathstar.

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This guy trolled you so hard ^^ so i don't know who did overdose ;]. buy viagra online pharmacy So should you go to sleep earlier if you want to get up earlier?

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because you're lucky

Most people really are moronic, Lil Wayne is just a popular moron.

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I laughed at the guy because they insisted that their preferred way of spelling was the right way instead of considering local differences in spelling. viagra oral jelly

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thats sick. nice job dude viagra oral jelly The Gemma

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