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June 16, 2012, 05:33

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uh... ever wondered that they dont have a low IQ, but a low level of education because they are unable to get it/dont have the infrastructure?

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Why do the planets revolve on a horizontal plane and not vertically?



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Intelligence is not just a number based on IQ test, it goes a lot more deep. There are more studies that have to carried out to find out in detail.

Back to the Future (Dr Brown is Tesla) movie uses 88MPH and a 150ft step-down from the Clock, in order to capture the lighting. NASA admits, in order to capture lighting, you need a 150 foot step-down.

Why wasn't the death star's shield factored into the investigation.

that's amazing! he built you his own roller-coaster?!

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My IQ places me at about one in 1.8 million and I voted for Obama. There is a difference between being stupid and being conned by a professional. In retrospect voting for Obama was not good, but the alternative was worse by a razor thin margin.

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How does the bible make you stupid? If anything, it makes you smarter.

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