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December 09, 2012, 03:51

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I love how this perfectly symbolises 9/11!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOL

Looks like something phineas and ferb would make

fuck yeah Jigsaw just like momma used to date

i wants me one of those for my birth day viagra alternatives

Because I am actually you're daddy. buy viagra usa the music is way to loud...

]]]]]]]]]]]]]]] viagra alternatives I know, right? Alderbron? Sounds like the name of a sanitary wipe. From the 80s.

Nerds gayyyyyyy

Let me ask you. If Fire, nor TNT, nor Thermite can turn buildings and all of their contents to nano-dust in 8-10 seconds. What do you think could? Check my channel. viagra alternatives This theory of 9/11 admits that the Death Star was destroyed by a Nikola Tesla Invention of a "EMP Torpedo", (not Fire, not TNT, not Thermite.)

Is this real?

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what is a black hole

Something everyone can relate to.... Why do we feel anxiety (depersonlization) and other stuff.

This may sound like a stupid question but can you actually "catch up"on sleep?

wikipedia . org/wiki/Baghdad_Battery viagra alternatives

I watched this before going to sleep. Its 1:50am and i gotta be up at 7am. Im so gonna hit that snooze button india viagra cialis vicodin ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Give a man any acsent a suit and a false belief that he's been successful only at his expectaions and you have this man only video secretly calling a majority of people dumb and inveyous of people who inherited money from a relative (rich people) dumb video viagra alternatives IQ is measured by a series of tests, where the average score in an age group is a 100, so it is impossible by definition for the average to not be 100. Ask Wikipedia, or ask Wolfram Alpha if you don't believe Wikipedia, many people don't.

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▲✔▲✔▲✔Just because you know it [my past]... doesn't mean that my wounds are a weight you have to carry.

vimeo-com/41097766 viagra alternatives

That is SOOOO cool. cialis no prescription I knew it!

@VirtuaPilot yh yh ' but she ain't nerd she don! But u nerd .nerd viagra alternatives Why do we fart and burp

@mazoom87 It's a good question, we may never know.

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That was AWESOME!

Do a video on synesthesia!

to hockeyfan330.

that's the joke viagra alternatives

Taste buds buy viagra online paypal vipps think about it, this might actually be what happened :/ think more or you won't know what i mean by that

@terrence901 Hi there I was just checking my nephew browser history really...I bet I'm the only woman around here, lulz viagra alternatives Why are we scared of bugs if we are way bigger than them?

I took two pills and gained 100 IQ points.

Now I see it All !

Sam,I think that was a joke

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Remember Me?

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