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August 31, 2012, 14:10

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@marcus625 Hi nice to see you again...yep still modeling part time

for NIKE Shoes;

why do bones pop but dont break or dislocate?

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Countless tests have actually failed to prove that IQ is hereditary, I believe that the reason for low IQ scores amongst (many, not all) blacks is caused by their geography or where they were raised. People raised in "bad" neighborhoods usually have poor IQ's regardless of race. Most people in third world countries, not just blacks in third world countries, also have poor IQ scores.

This guy trolled you so hard ^^ so i don't know who did overdose ;].

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Can u cup a fart

3. the video above---- the most ironical and interesting video I think:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]:]

One minus 50 for me, please....

Nope, I use the snooze all the time and I am almost never late. Snooze is not a problem.

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im taking about the conspiracy... guaranteed cheapest viagra majority of high iq people are more tolerant, just like mojority of low iq people are not tolerant.

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Discount Northeast Asia was also affected by White colonialism yet they're thriving. How do you explain that? Hmmm? White Christian Europeans were also heavily colonized by brown skinned muslimes for several hundreds yet they're thriving as well. The pattern is clear. The history of colonialism doesn't seem to suppress high-IQ racial groups. Therefore, it can't really explain chronic global brown backwardness. Instead, their low-IQs best explain their chronic underperformance. Pharmacy Price

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The position of the American Anthropological Association is that variation in intelligence cannot be meaningfully explained by dividing a species into biologically defined races.

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Limp Bizkit from the MI2 soundtrack. 

Does playing games make someone smarter? LOL

Clubbed to Death by Rob Dougan.

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Remember Me?

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