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August 19, 2012, 12:59

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An apple tastes like an apple. A steak tastes like a steak.

But of I never put alarm sometimes I will still felt very tired. Why?

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the 'treatment' has already been invented, it's called WEED


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i guess ur aware now that its a joke but "and many"???? lol

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Nice one Graham,

Actualy IQ includes just critical and linear thinking. Its creator never intended to use it to measure intellingence. Quite contrary it was developed to find mentaly chalanged . Deciding if person is intelligent just by it's IQ is the same as deciding how good is basketball player just by how fast he/she can run .

Once you know how a weapon is made, you can know how to defend against it.

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is that you?

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"War is a 1000 Infernos"

Why do we imagine things?

I want one in my back yard this is so cool

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▲✔▲✔▲✔True love is eternal, infinite, and always like itself. It is equal and pure, without violent demonstrations: it is seen with white hairs and is always young in the heart.

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Remember Me?

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