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August 19, 2012, 12:59

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gaining IQ doesn't automatically make one more tolerant. that's the point.


you are a limited cunt mouth, I AM sorry for your ass.

Reading these comments makes me realize that some of the stupid people were not filtered out at the video's beginning viagra uk cheap purchase buy

What they won't tell you is that they opposed studies that sought to find the specific genes responsible for the racial IQ differences... Which tells you everything you need to know about how the scientific community is dominated and perveretd by the politically correct hard-left... buy lexapro

nah...no snooze button for me, it makes it worse....I just get up & get it over with viagra uk cheap purchase buy ]]]]]]]]]]]]]

The body likes prediction. Well in russia, prediction likes you.

One minus 50 for me, please....

What's the science of lost time, like when your having fun an hour can seem like a minute.

Genetics probably are a factor, but stimulation from infancy through high school and beyond also plays a big role. viagra uk cheap purchase buy ▲✔▲✔▲✔Think about it. Every time you fail at a task you've actually learned something new. The question is "what?

Parenting 101. I can hear the mom yelling. What the F**k were u thinking?!

"How to get over loving somebody, without dating someone else"

Wat abt the short naps during day time. Are they good?

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Most of the comments are to smart for me is there a pill to raise IQ :D

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Taste buds viagra uk cheap purchase buy AMAZING and as a dad myself it inspires me to wanna build for my kids.

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viagra uk cheap purchase buy if we buttered a cat both sides it would levitate due to the anti-gravity effects of sods law

This video actually holds way more water than Loose Change.

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Loneliness and boredom. What a shame.

Why is breastfeeding better for the baby?

a real roller coaster also holds a several ton car with upwards of 36 people at a time... not just a plastic car with a 4 year old in it viagra uk cheap purchase buy

how can some people breath and sing at the same time ? cheap generic overnight viagra Bornig, but this is great.

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Brilliant video! Thanx.

im calling child services

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Remember Me?

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