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August 19, 2012, 12:59

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Why are people trying to use colonialism as a point that white people are smarter. Last time I checked for most of europes hisory it was savages wearing sheepskin with shops that had pictures on the signs because 99% of the population was illiterate. Europe isnt even a good example until the 20th century when they stopped killing themselves a tiny bit

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Did anyone else yawn when the person drew the picture of the guy yawning ? Or is it just me ?

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Uh, no. They weren't. Virtually all of the countries conquered by Whites thrived under their rule and benefited from the advanced infrastructure they left behind. The utter collapse of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe after the Marxist black nationalists guilted the Whites into surrendering is the perfect example. Black Sub-Saharan Africans didn't even use the wheel, written language or build two storey buildings before White colonialists showed up. Likewise for the USA and Canada.

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trust me im an engineer.



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