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February 14, 2013, 16:50

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Who could split "Alderaan/Earth" in Two?

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........ brand cialis 20 @john824 Oh I was just spying my nephew browser history actually...I bet I'm the only female watching this video, lol

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and if you read through the comments, the majority of them are written by the kind of idiots who this video is bashing... you know, id take the pill right now...

I GOT ONE ! Why and how does music affect ourself , or just the power of music

awesome buy generic viagra img They should be using footage from the original movie, not that God-awful enhanced version.


Dude that dad is awesome


that is so awsome


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CNN Special - The ''Woodpecker'' & "Electromagnetic Weapons". USAF Dr. James Frazier confirms Tesla's 1917 "Electric Arc Aircraft" invention of using Helicopters with a RF Antennae, Dynamo powered by the Helicopter engines or APU & Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) EMP Weapons.

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This guy has the Matrix album. Same songs plus I have it too. :3 buy viagra online no prescription As to differences in measured racial IQ, it is probably cultural. Some cultures embrace learning while others shun it. IQ is pliable, in that constant exercise of the mind does increase IQ.

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I want to be that kid ._.

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I wish I had that lol

Chances are that Vader and the emperor may be driven by something more than just the desire for control over the vast tracts of the universe. Vader cannot personally control hundreds if not thousands of workers, so what incentives does he provide for them to work on the death star? Money?

This is awesome!!

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