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December 24, 2012, 14:18

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Did anyone else yawn when the person drew the picture of the guy yawning ? Or is it just me ?

The 500 TerraWatt Laser at LLNL & CERN are Tesla's Inventions:


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IB students aren't allowed to sleep


And both a high IQ and drive to succeed produces the highest performers.

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The Emperor = Prescott Bush (George Herbert Walker Scherff Sr's (Father)) funded Hitler

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Countless tests have actually failed to prove that IQ is hereditary, I believe that the reason for low IQ scores amongst (many, not all) blacks is caused by their geography or where they were raised. People raised in "bad" neighborhoods usually have poor IQ's regardless of race. Most people in third world countries, not just blacks in third world countries, also have poor IQ scores.

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whats the science of life AKA Whats the meaning of life

Thats soooo cool but is his kid wearing a seatbelt? O.o

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bit.ly/WAYYtA?=j5fgghg8 buy locally viagra If by genetic factors you mean lead in water lines, soil, and air then yes, the genetic factors caused it. Allthough I would like to see how people's habitat had an affect on this. I suppose if we were to look up how much lead was in a given area, and what races of people were more likely to be in that area, we might find the cause of the "Genes."

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