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October 11, 2012, 19:51

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I have just had my grandfather die, can you tell us the science of felling loss?

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And then it breaks.

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This theory of 9/11 admits that the Death Star was destroyed by a Nikola Tesla Invention of a "EMP Torpedo", (not Fire, not TNT, not Thermite.)

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No, Automatically dismissing a mountain of data disproving old racist studies and resorting to call people of other races low-IQ'd, because of their color and thinking highly of yourself because of you're color, shows you're insecurities. You seriously should go easy on that MinusIQ pill, dude.

A nice parody on George Lucas.

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a real roller coaster also holds a several ton car with upwards of 36 people at a time... not just a plastic car with a 4 year old in it

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Looking for a good audiobook? I just listened to The Darkness Binding ch1, it was awesome.

If thats even true about Leonardo da Vinci I highly doubt his IQ would be the same by todays standards.

And so redneck Disney world was created

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The Science Of Motion?

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