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October 11, 2012, 19:51

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I just get sooo tired of the fiction the Empire continuously feeds us. I even heard that Luke, the "shooter", turned off his tracking computer right before the amazing magic shot. And when has even a galactic star destroyer, let alone the Emperor's Premiere Battle Station, been destroyed by a couple proton torpedoes in an exhaust port??? This goes so deep, sheeple!!!

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tree was miles away ...just looks close cause of the angles.. the guy had his kid strapped in and everything .. obviously checked it all out.

Jeez, where are the Jetson's morning gizmos when ya need 'em?


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True, but they were also put into slavery, or some state of servility, and those white empires drained their resources. That's what's happened in every single war in the history of mankind. The reason underdeveloped countries are underdeveloped is because they were weaker than the first empires, were dominated, drained of any resources they had, and once they gained freedom, they had no way of sustaining themselves. I'm an American, but I know how much we've taken a shit on the developing world.

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I'm a "liberal" and I approve of this rollercoaster.

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