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October 30, 2012, 01:29

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- It`s Alderan instead of Aldebran

This is what happens when you are related to phineas and ferb

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watermelon viagra How many hours did he spend out there?

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Only problem here is Wedge wasn't the pilot that missed the shot. He was already out of action. Oddly enough the only other X-wing pilot who's ship took damage and didn't blow up.

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That was the coolest and cutest thing!!!

Wat abt the short naps during day time. Are they good?

@franklin366 Oh I was just checking my dad browser history really...I guess I'm the only female around here, haha

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thats amazing i wish i had one :D is viagra safe for women If I take 2 of medium pills, Will I still be able to talk after?

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How come after sitting down after a while an you stand up it gets dark and dizzy? watermelon viagra

wtf!!! that is super cool! dam it can i have a blue print of it! lol cialis replacement but the third time... I realise how sad it can be... the most of what he's saying has too much truth behind it (the pills aside of course)

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Nerds gayyyyyyy

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cameras, and all kinds of goodies that we all want for 50-90% off homemade viagra Unfortunately, this video is very true...majority of people are confident for no reason, only to make poor decisions and stick by them, assuming they are always right, judge others constantly and have poor understanding of others different from them. How sad.

... also, it wasn't 2 feet it was 2 meters. watermelon viagra Hey what about pillows, are they good bad why do we need them to sleep

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Why do we get that "pins and needles" feeling in our body after a part of our body, "falls asleep."

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