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October 30, 2012, 01:29

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@gabriel994 Heyya nice to see you again...yep my tits are okay too, thanks for asking, lulz

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No, it isn't. I forget what it is exactly, but the average global human IQ is about 90 I believe. 100 is indeed the rough global average White IQ. And I have mentioned Northeast Asians. And no, they don't have an average IQ over 120. But yes, a couple Northeast Asian countries do indeed have slightly higher average IQs than White European countries. And no, that doesn't go against my arguments. Please don't respond to my comments. I'm already overloaded with retards. buy viagra onlines ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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The science of "why do we close our eyes when we sneeze?"

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watermelon viagra Lol the explanation is easy... The empire forgot to take there weapons off "miss the star" setting...

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the second time I couldn't stop smiling


The Force is with you my friend! ;-)

That's awesome, I'm jealous lol

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I need this pill for real lol is viagra safe for women What percentage of our brain do we actually use and why? Can we use all of our brain somehow?

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Why and how do we fall in love?

How far can a person go deep inside the ocean before he starts feeling the heat of the core? watermelon viagra

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Why are tears salty ? watermelon viagra what does "quiet the pickle" mean?

Ehh, I guess I,all offer my ten cents. All the comments are pretty much just playing ring around the rosy with the actual issues. Color isn't actually why things such as slavery occur. As long as something is to be gained people will attempt to take advantage of others. Skin color just happens to be a good excuse. It's core human behavior. If you wish to complain blame that.

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Why are we so curious?

He's not an unfit parent, seems to be a pretty smart engineer type. Everybody is just jealous!

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can you discuss how different body types gain and lose weight? muscle mass, fat, hydration, etc. watermelon viagra

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for Gucci Sunglasses; watermelon viagra I love this. Shows how conspiracy theorists can be just as misguided.

I can't belive they didn't even mention the connection between luke's uncle and Obi Wan Kenobi.



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