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October 01, 2012, 14:08

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That's SWEET.

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How many kids could say They had a Roller coaster in there Own backyard not to Many. Great Job dad#1

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He's mostly right, it's just that being smarter is a gift, think about it, why should we change to fit in, when they should be the ones changing to fit in with us smart people so that this world can have less conficts, confusion about what dumb people are trying to say! The world will be a brighter, safer and more efficient place to live in!

So...did Han shoot first? viagra professional Hahaha that so amazing

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Nailed that History Channel vibe perfectly!

Lol I find your taste in music utterly tasteless. Lil wayne is a clown and why he ever got famous at all is beyond me. He has no skill, he uses autotune and has never wrote one of his own songs in his life. I heard the clown is skateboarding now. And pitbull is the living spirit of popular music? How idiotic are you? Pitbull is another horrible artist who makes his money off making little girls tummies tickle.

Wow, can't believe some believe commenting on here - Procepro666 for example - actually don't realise this is a joke.

Parody is lost on you, Pinky.

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there's a strong correlation between the 2.

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Well I don't know about a schedule but my sleep cycle is 8 hours is this a normal cycle length viagra professional In what way? What did I say that was hypocritical?

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This is brilliant

TIP: put the alarm far from your bed so you have to walk to it to stop the noise. Bonus, put some water on your face right after waking and have a good day.

How would you know over 3000 people were on the Death Star when it blew up ? Only someone involved would know that.

So I gotta ask, how did the torpedoes do a 90 degree turn into the shaft? That's never made sense to me. viagra professional

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Question should it really suck or be really awesome if you didn't quite make it up the hill and did the track backwards


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Remember Me?

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