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July 13, 2012, 05:36

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I find it interesting that there is no discernible democratic tendency in the everyday workers

See my previous comment for info.

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Also everything I have written, Has been satirical if you couldn't understand that yet. Obviously George lucas has read some books on Tesla and enjoyed his ideas for the future. so why wouldn't he integrate Tesla's ideas/concepts into his movie.

"An army of 1M0 dead, annihilated in an instant, he said, would not reveal even under the most powerful microscope just what catastrophe had caused its destruction."

I want one in my back yard this is so cool

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over the counter viagra I do this to force my mind to have one big long dream. Once awake, I'll think about what was happening, then fall back asleep really fast. It's the only way I've found to tailor my dreams. If I'm being chased by zombies, I'll reenter the dream with a gun. Fun stuff.

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@marcus625 Hi nice to see you again...yep still modeling part time

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over the counter viagra Juokinga, kad pasakoja apie toleranciją, o patys varo ant repo. Repas yra muzikos stilius, kuris gali būt įvairus, yra ir šūdo yra ir gerų dainų. Pritaikė kažkokį labai gudrą stereotipą, ale protingųjų žmonių. Educate yourself.

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Did he really just say Alderbrahn?

Then don't bother responding my comment if you don't care bitch.

Umm.. no they didn't, Southern Asia, Latin-America, Africa, Middle-East all suffered from white colonialism (crime, drugs, poverty, war etc.) and were way better before white colonialists, even the Prime Minister of Britain admits it. Yes, Ethiopia was never colonized, but the country was effected by colonialism in political and economical ways and they were occupied by Italians, which caused future wars on territory when they merged countries to Italian East Africa (Eritrea, Somalia, Ethiopia).

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